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Angela Alba


Karl Andersen

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(250) 649-0134

Karl Andersen teaches piano, violin, cello, flute and theory. He has a bachelor of music and a master of music degree from the University of Victoria. As well, he holds an A.R.C.T. in piano performance. Since 1998, Karl has been a member with the B.C.R.M.T in Prince George.

Sharon Carrington

Sharon Carrington has an ARCT (teachers) and BMus (U of S) minor in voice.  She has taught in Saskatchewan, Winnipeg, Manitoba and for the last 22 years in Smithers, BC.  She also gives instruction in other disciplines…woodwinds, percussion, harp, recorder.  Though classically trained, Sharon is proficient in pop, jazz, gospel and improvisation.

Lori Elder


Lori has a Masters Degree in Piano Performance, a Bachelor of Music Degree and an ARCT. She specializes in senior piano and pedagogy, as well as consultation lessons, workshops and adjudicating. Lori is a member of BC Registered Music Teachers.

Heather Fitzsimmons

Rita Bourcet Francis

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Rita has a B.H.E. from the University of BC and a professional BC Teachers certification. She is working on completing her Grade 10 RCM. With over 15 years of teaching experience, Rita teaches beginners through RCM Grade 9 as well as music rudiments.

Andrew Furmanczyk

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Andrew has been playing piano since age 4 and has taught millions of people music online and has the largest YouTube channel in Northern BC with over 450,000 Subscribers and 50,000,000+ views. He teaches local piano students up to the highest level of piano via his "Furmanczyk Academy of Music" studio in Prince George. Andrew looks for students who have passion for music.

Shoshanna Godber

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Shoshanna has a B.Mus and early childhood development training. She specializes in young students and offers the Music for Young Children program at the Prince George Conservatory of Music.

Rebecca Harris


Rebecca has been teaching piano and theory for over 15 years and is currently working toward her ARCT. She is located in College Heights and specializes in beginner through Level 6 RCM as well as chording and accompanying.

Norma Hoy

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Norma Hoy has been teaching piano and the love of music for 25 years. She is a certified intermediate specialist piano and theory teacher with the Royal Conservatory of Canada. She is also a certified teacher for Music for Young Children groups and the Ultimate Music Theory method. She teaches beginners through RCM Grade 5.

Magdalena Kabat

Magdalena teaches voice, piano, flute, music theory, and songwriting/composition out of her home in College Heights. She has a Masters Degree from one of the oldest music conservatories in Europe as well as 2 years in a jazz/contemporary academy in the USA.

Jody Keim

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Jody is a music instructor who teaches piano, voice, and theory.

Swan Kiezebrink

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Swan Kiezebrink is a certified Advanced Specialist Piano teacher with the Royal Conservatory, a registered Suzuki Piano teacher through the Suzuki Association of the Americas, a vocal teacher, and an Intermediate Specialist with the Royal Conservatory for theory instruction

Suman Kumar

604 704 7803

Suman has been teaching piano and theory for over 20 years. She specializes in preparing students up to their grade 8 exam, but also prepares for concerts, recitals, or competitions. She teaches from her home in Downtown and she is willing to go to her student’s home or pick them up for an extra fee.

Therese Bourcet Martin

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Therese has a B.Sc.(Ag) from the University of BC and has professional BC Teachers certification. She has completed Grade 9 RCM with First Class Honours and is currently working on her Grade 10 RCM. With over 15 years of teaching experience, Therese teaches beginners through RCM Grade 8 as well as music rudiments.

Jacquie McLeod


Jacquie McLeod has graduated from the Royal Conservatory Of Toronto with her ARCT in Voice Performance, but has also studied with Western Board and at University of Victoria. She has a great deal of experience teaching music and specializes in Voice Performance. She is also a member of the BC Registered Music Teachers’ Association.

Maria J. Mikic

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Maria J. Mikic BA/AVCM/BCRMT has taught piano, voice and theory in Prince George since 1994 under the business name "Absolute Studios". Maria believes that a love of music is a gift to be shared!

Erica Skowron

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Samantha Unger

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Samantha Unger is a pianist, singer, and songwriter with an ARCT in Piano Performance and a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. She teaches piano, voice, theory, and ukulele.

Angela Whitehouse


Julia Wick


Julia Wick is a graduate of the Royal Conservatory and holds both an ARCT and a Diploma in Music. She teaches students of all ages and levels, from Beginner through Advanced Piano and specializes in all levels of Royal Conservatory Theory and Pedagogy. Julia is a member of the BC Registered Music Teachers.

Terry Yeh

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Born in Taiwan, Terry began learning piano at the age of 5. After moving to Canada, she continued her piano studies, obtaining her A.R.C.T. and her bachelor's degree in piano performance from the University of Victoria. An avid, experienced piano teacher, her students have received numerous awards and scholarships through the years. Terry is a member of the BC Registered Music Teachers Association. She currently teaches piano and theory at the Prince George Conservatory of Music.

Sage Bialuski


Sage has completed her Grade 10 RCM in piano and is currently working towards completing her ARCT in piano performance with Lori Elder. She also won the Prince George Integris Youth Concerto Competition. In 2015, for the Canada Winter Games, she wrote and produced “The Finish Line” which was chosen as the theme song for the Athlete’s Celebration ceremonies. Sage began teaching piano in 2016 and truly enjoys sharing her passion with others.